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The Dolly Llama

Extent: 128 pages

Size: 185x135mm

Publication Date:

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781910552940

Categories: Culture, Humour

About the Book

‘Ridiculous and funny’ – GREG DAVIES

‘In a fast-moving world, the only self-help book I recommend is this collection of the words from the Dolly Llama’ – ED GAMBLE

Llama Karma lies within you.

The Dolly Llama, the world’s first behooved spiritual leader, shares his words of wisdom and spiritual teachings for the first time. In this gem of a book he shows you how cultivate Llama Karma and to bring peace, compassion and ‘cuditation’ (a form of chewing and meditation) into your everyday life.

His Gentleness has drawn great inspiration from ‘the four bales of wisdom’ which have helped many grazer browsers before him on the rocky path of life. Take a leaf out of this book and learn how Llama Karma can help you harness inner calm, as well as cope with everyday problems like hoof infection.

The perfect gift for llama-lovers, spiritualists and animal-lovers alike.

Publication Date: 18/10/2018

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781910552957

Categories: Culture, Humour

About the Book

About the Author

His gentleness the Dolly Llama is a spiritual leader of most even toed ungulates in the Andes, Peru and some parts of Bolivia. He has devoted all fourteen years of his life working tirelessly to help teach the findings of ‘Llama Karma’ to Alpacas, Camels, Bactrian Camels, Wild Bactrian Camels and of course Llamas. Today he lives in exile, on a petting farm in Dulwich, London.

Stephen Morrison is a man from the north of England. He has worked as a bee negotiator, swan counsellor as well as in lower admin. This is his first work as a spiritual llama interpreter.


  • 'Ridiculous and funny', Greg Davies
  • 'In a fast-moving world, the only self-help book I recomment is this collection of words from the Dolly Llama', Ed Gamble