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The Little Book of Stonehenge

Extent: 64 pages

Size: 110x100mm

Publication Date:

Price: £4.99

ISBN: 9781782438267

Categories: Science - History - Philosophy

About the Book

Published in association with English Heritage, this fact-filled gift book is the perfect tribute to this iconic historical landmark, the best-known prehistoric monument in the world.

With a history spanning 4,500 years, the mystery that surrounds Stonehenge is still as forceful as ever. Many different theories have been put forward about who built it, when and why. Was it a place for studying the movements of the sun and moon? Was it a sacred meeting place? Was it a place of healing? The Neolithic stones attract over a million visitors a year and whatever their meaning for people today, Stonehenge is undoubtedly a spiritual and uplifting ancient landscape.

In this small book full of wonders devoted to the enigmatic stones, you’ll find all the facts and figures you need to know: when the henge was built and why, who built it and why it was built where it was. You’ll learn about life in Neolithic times, what the Romans did for Stonehenge, famous visitors over the centuries – both real and fictional, along with tales of the stones in popular culture – from psychedelic rock music to feature films.