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The Wild Remedy

Extent: 192 pages

Size: 210x148mm

Publication Date:

Price: £14.99

ISBN: 9781789290424

Categories: Lifestyle

About the Book

Publication Date: 27/12/2018

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781789290462

ASIN: B07G3894VT

Categories: Lifestyle

About the Book

Publication Date: 27/12/2018

Price: £18.99

ISBN: 9781789290967

Categories: Lifestyle

About the Book

About the Author

Emma Mitchell is a designer-maker, naturalist, illustrator, and the acclaimed author of The Wild Remedy (2019) and bestselling Making Winter (2017) – 20,000 copies have been sold in the UK and the US. She is a Guardian Country Diarist, has written and contributed seasonal creative projects for BBC Countryfile Magazine, Country Living, Mollie Makes and Breathe. Emma has appeared on Radio 4's Ramblings, on BBC Countryfile's winter special and Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

Emma lives on the edge of the Fens in Eastern England with her husband, two daughters and Annie, their lurcher. She records her daily nature finds with photographs and illustrations on her Instagram (@silverpebble2 – 105,000 followers) and Twitter (@silverpebble – 30,000 followers).

Emma is passionate about the potential of both craft and contact with nature for combatting depression. Her yarn stash is enormous, she owns a sizeable collection of fossilised twigs and she is very fond of weasels.


  • 'A beautiful book that explores the seasons in elegant prose accompanied by Mitchell's charming illustrations. It's a diary of nature, but also of how it can heal.', The Sunday Telegraph
  • 'Honest, melancholic, joyous, thankful and illuminating in ever-shifting and subtle measure.', Psychologies
  • 'A delightful almanac... Here we have not only precise, detailed writing but also gorgeous illustrations, painting and photographs. Mitchell shares her knowledge and skills generously. Highly recommend.', BBC Countryfile Magazine
  • 'Emma Mitchell's excellent The Wild Remedy ... elaborate[s] stylishly the link between mental health and the ability to open ourselves up in open space.', The Guardian
  • 'A torch-bearer of light and colour in an often dark world. A stand-alone work of art.', Joe Harkness, Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine
  • 'Be inspired by Emma's reflections on the healing power of wildlife.', Top Santé Magazine
  • 'The Wild Remedy is both a paean to the countryside, and a rallying call for better approaches to mental health. It's a thoughtful tale, supported by Mitchell's scientific research, and the evocative descriptions of her hedgerow finds.', The English Garden
  • 'A beautiful year-long ramble through the paths and trails around Emma's cottage and further afield.', Soul & Spirit Magazine
  • 'Deeply moving... this powerful book reminds us that nature is everywhere, and solace can even come from a tree at the side of the road.', Sunday Business Post
  • 'Emma Mitchell is a gifted writer. This book is well researched, knowledgeable and readable. The book itself is beautiful. Almost a work of art.', Birdwatch Magazine
  • 'This is a beautiful, beautiful book, and I can't recommend it enough.', Sue Perkins
  • 'Emma's words are profound, her photography is inspiring and her illustrations are exquisite. This book is the literary equivalent of Prozac.', Emma Freud
  • 'An absolute joy. Rarely do you find a book that soothes both the mind and the soul, but The Wild Remedy has managed it. Between its pages lies everything I believe in – the fractures uniting us as human beings and the ability of nature to mend and heal. This is such a powerful and beautiful book, and I can't think of anyone whose life would not be a better place for reading it.', Joanna Cannon
  • 'Emma’s writing is precise, gorgeous and inspiring, and I am delighted to have a whole year's worth of her beautiful artwork. She makes me look more closely, learn more gladly and get outside more.', Amy Liptrot
  • 'Emma Mitchell has a knack for making even the humblest garden or daily dog-walk seem richer and more rewarding. It comes as no surprise that her ability to make and share a creative connection to nature can benefit mental health.', Melissa Harrison
  • 'Brutally honest about her struggles with mental health issues, especially during the dark, colourless days of winter, and the long recovery thereafter ... This is a warming, gentle book and it imparts its own mild therapy as we are guided slowly through the year.', Mark Avery Blog
  • 'Beautiful and inspiring', Culture Fly