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Extent: 192 pages

Size: 198x129mm

Publication Date:

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781843179511

Categories: Science - History - Philosophy

About the Book

Why?: Scientific Answers to Fundamental Questions sets out to provide simple answers to the most fundamental questions about the world. Asking why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why do we need sleep? Why are there 24 hours in a day? Why is light faster than sound?, this book gets to grips with concepts that appear so basic and everyday, yet we struggle to find an answer for. For each question the author provides a simple, single line answer followed by more in-depth information that casts light onto the murkiest of scientific questions. The book covers the whole lot: physics, biology, chemistry, geology, geography, meteorology, palaeontology and planetary science, with over 50 fundamental questions answered, allowing you to wow friends and family alike with smart answers to the obvious questions they never thought to ask.

Publication Date: 04/10/2012

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781843179788

Categories: Science - History - Philosophy

About the Book

About the Author

Joel Levy is a journalist and author specializing in science and history. He has written over a dozen books including: Scientific Feuds, Lost Histories, Poison: A Social History and Freudian Slips (Michael O'Mara 2013).


  • 'An easy, fun read that can be dipped into as and when you wish', The Bookbag