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Mythic Animals

Extent: 96pages

Size: 250x250mm

Publication Date: 26/09/2024

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781915751294


About the Book

A new title in LOM ART's 'Kerby's Selection' series, this enchanting colouring book brings together Kerby’s most celebrated images that take their inspiration from myths and legends around the world.

Inside the book are 55 detailed drawings of mythical beings, from a majestic phoenix with wings made of flames to a sinister werewolf prowling through the forest. Other creatures include Cerberus guarding the entrance to the Underworld, a white stag in a serene pond scene and a huge river snake morphing into a waterfall.

The perfect way to celebrate Kerby’s most magical animal creations to date, fans will love bringing the intricate scenes to life with colour.

Please note: This book contains material previously published in Worlds Within Worlds, Mythomorphia and Mythic World.

Also available in the series:
Wondrous Animals 9781915751089