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The Celestial Handbook

Extent: 128pages

Size: 190x147mm

Publication Date: 09/11/2023

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 9781789295504


About the Book

Whether you’re planning a change of career, looking for love, or simply to boost your creativity, harness the power of the universe to reach your goals with this beautifully illustrated guide to celestial power.

The ancient Babylonians created the seven-day week, with the seven days based around their observations of seven celestial bodies – the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Astrologers today still work with this ancient understanding of celestial power, using it to pinpoint the best days to concentrate on specific goals. So whether you want to ask for a promotion at work, find a new romance, or just boost your creativity and connect with your intuitive self, you can find the best day and way to do it. With thoughtful exercises, advice, self-care tips, affirmations and planetary remedies, The Celestial Handbook shows how to work with the energy of the day to help plan your week and enhance your life.

About the Author

MaKayla McRae is a young generational spiritual practitioner with over 70k Instagram followers (@thestarryeyedmystic). She was observing and learning from her parents as young as she can remember, and started reading in the infamous Witch City, in Salem, Massachusetts at her cousin’s metaphysical shop. Soon after, she turned to social media to keep in touch with her clients. Her community quickly grew, and she now works with people around the world, including many celebrity clients. She has contributed to publications such as British Vogue, HypeBae, Bustle, PopSugar, and more. She wrote much of the content for the astrology dating app Oromoon, and most recently has begun working with