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O’Mara Books Wins Auction To Publish TT Dynasty Road Racer, Michael Dunlop

Posted on: 27/10/2016 with tags Acquisitions, Autobiographies

Clare Tillyer, Publisher of Michael O’Mara Books, has acquired World rights to Road Racer: It’s In My Blood by Michael Dunlop from David Riding MBA Literary Agents Ltd, to be published in hardback Spring 2017, £20 (ISBN: 9781782437796).

Michael Dunlop is quite simply the greatest road racer on the planet, and racing is simply in his blood. Now for the first time he has agreed to talk in depth about his family story, how he got involved in ‘the family business’ and how he manages to keep getting back on his bike despite all he knows of the deadly risks he encounters every time he crosses the start line.

Michael Dunlop has a reputation for being the wild man of TT – often mercurial and even outright dangerous. However, Road Racer reveals his emotional, human journey, taking the reader beyond the story of the sporting career of this aggressive and tenacious competitor.

The death of his uncle Joey during a competition in Estonia in 2000 was followed just eight years later by the death of his father at the North West 200. But despite these tragic losses Michael was undeterred, and continued to compete to join his father and uncle in the record books.

With thirteen TT wins to his name Michael is a phenomenal competitor, determined and focussed he is not without controversy. In this sensational autobiography he reveals what life was like growing up as part of a motorcycle racing dynasty and the journey that has made him the incredible racing driver he is today.

Michael Dunlop said:

‘I’ve been asked by a number of publishers in the past few years to write a book and I’ve always held back. To me there’s no point in talking about anything other than winning. But with the success comes the difficult times and every obstacle is a part of my journey to the top step. In a sport often defined by controversy, I don’t risk my life to race, I risk my life to win. I’m now pleased to have everything in place and to have the right team behind me – it’s time to tell my story.’

Clare Tillyer, Publisher of Michael O’Mara Books, said:

‘Watching Michael race leaves you on the very edge of your seat, holding your breath until the final lap is finished and I have no doubt his autobiography will be exactly the same. His passion, determination and hunger to ride to the very limits of what’s possible is something that inspires and enthralls his fans, while making us all wonder just how he finds the nerve to keep doing it. As part of racing royalty, Michael’s is a very unique story that provides a depth to his racing career that is simply unmatched. This is an amazing project and I am thrilled to be working with Michael.’