The Magical Unicorn Society Series including new book Baby Unicorns

The Magical Unicorn Society

After centuries of mystery, The Magical Unicorn Society has published their official handbooks.

The Magical Unicorn Society unites people across the globe who love unicorns. They document everything there is to know about these unique creatures and protect them whenever they are in need. So if you want to find out everything there is to know about unicorns, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn how to spot a unicorn in The Magical Unicorn Society, uncover enchanting tales in The Golden Unicorn, discover the creatures that exist alongside unicorns in Unicorns, Myths and Monsters and even bring the magic to life yourself with The Magical Unicorn Society Official Colouring Book.

These gorgeously illustrated books are the perfect gift for anyone who truly believes.


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The Magical Unicorn Society

This essential field guide will teach you all about how to spot a unicorn! Find out their unique powers and how The Magical Unicorn Society works to protect them.

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The Golden Unicorn

Discover the legend of The Golden Unicorn. This book contains 8 enchanting tales featuring the magical unicorn families and a new unicorn family to discover!

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Unicorns, Myths and Monsters

A collection of stories dedicated to the amazing mythical creatures – dragons, phoenixes, werewolves, and more! – that exist alongside unicorns.

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Get Creative with the Official Colouring Book

Colour your favourite mythical creatures in The Magical Unicorn Society Official Colouring Book.

Calling all unicorn enthusiasts, it’s time to get creative!

Bring unicorns to life and add colour and sparkle to the seven unicorn families from The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook. The esteemed Society records all there is to know about unicorns and has shared some of its favourite facts and images in this wonderful collection.

With beautiful artwork from Oana Befort, Ciara Ni Dhuinn and Harry and Zanna Goldhawk (Papio Press), and gorgeously decorated foil cover, this special book is perfect for anyone who truly believes and wants to keep the unicorn magic alive.

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