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Buster Books loves to create books for curious and creative children. Our list is brimming with titles to spark the imagination and encourage exploration. The books will satisfy the keenest of puzzle masters, budding artists and the deepest of thinkers. Above all, they are to be enjoyed.

New Titles

Picture Me

Cindy Wilde


An aspirational, fill-in journal for children to record their dreams and goals, inspired by bullet journaling.Lots of people find information easier to understand and more fun in pictures and infographics, from emoticons in a text message to lesson timetables and fundraising charts.This book shows c

Let The Dice Decide


Let the dice decide the fate of your drawings, doodles and stories in this fun fill-in book.Readers can roll to create their own creatures, mash up incredible monsters, randomize names, assemble their own superheroes, plot their own adventure stories, predict the future and much, much more. With qui