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Category: Science – History – Philosophy

10 Voyages Through the Human Mind

Catherine de Lange


The Eccentric Mr Churchill

Jacob F. Field


Understanding Hieroglyphs

Hilary Wilson


Roman Woman

Lindsay Allason-Jones



James M. Russell


The History of Science in Bite-sized Chunks

Nicola Chalton and Meredith MacArdle


Portillo's Hidden History of Britain

Michael Portillo


The Spitfire Story

Jacky Hyams


The Wonders

John Woolf


24 Hours in Ancient Athens

Philip Matyszak


Philosophy for Busy People

Alain Stephen


Psychology for Busy People

Joel Levy


Social Butterflies

Michael Sanders and Susannah Hume


24 Hours in Ancient Rome

Philip Matyszak


How to Think Like da Vinci

Daniel Smith