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Colour Universe

Extent: 96pages

Size: 250x250mm

Publication Date: 12/10/2023

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781915751058

Categories: Colouring

About the Book

A compilation of striking images from Kerby Rosanes’ bestselling World series, featuring coloured-up pieces from his talented fans.

A 16-page full-colour section showcases spectacular artworks from Kerby’s World series that have been coloured by his fans – including a kaleidoscopic interpretation of Iceland's mythical guardians and an arresting portrait of a Mandrill in its fragile environment.

Each coloured piece is accompanied with tips, tricks and stylistic comments from Kerby. In the black-and-white colouring section that follows, the same artworks appear – alongside a range of other illustrations from across the series – inspiring readers to have a go at recreating the stunning effects themselves.

Please note: This title is a follow up to World of Colour – no images from World of Colour have been repeated in Colour Universe. This book contains material previously published in Fragile World, Worlds Within Worlds, Mythic World and Alien Worlds.

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