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Decorative Sugar Flowers for Cakes

Extent: 120 pages

Size: 276x216mm

Publication Date:

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781854794055


About the Book

Mary Ford introduces this fantastic collection of superlative hand-crafted flowers. Each flower is presented with easy step-by-step instructions, which means that with time, skill, patience and a few practical hints, beautiful flowers can be accomplished by almost anyone. The uses of sugar flowers are varied; brides can have flowers copied in sugar from their bridal spray and birthday, christening, anniversary and other special occasion cakes can also be enhanced with these exquisite decorations which will last for years. The book includes background information on each flower together with details of the flowering season and appropriate uses. For beginners, the book includes valuable information on the necessary equipment and how to make and use flower paste and experts will find a new collection of flowers to test their skills. Decorative Sugar Flowers For Cakes is a wonderful collection that shows the uses of floral artistry through the different seasons.