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Everyday Maths for Grown-ups

Extent: 176 pages

Size: 198x129mm

Publication Date:

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781843173847

Categories: Maths & English

About the Book

Extent: 176pages

Size: 198x129mm

Publication Date: 26/03/2015

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781782433354

Categories: Maths & English

About the Book

Publication Date: 03/04/2015

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781782434894

Categories: Maths & English

About the Book

A fresh and fun approach to numbers that will help you master the sticky maths problems we all encounter in everyday life.

This light-hearted guide revisits all of the practical explanations, shortcuts and tricks you may or may not have learned at school. Life is full of scenarios where your skill with numbers is tested, whether it's dividing up your share of the restaurant bill, or working out whether you've been overcharged at the checkout. Everyday Maths for Grown-ups will take you back to the basics and is here to help, with chapters on:

* How to check a till receipt quickly
* Money and percentages
* Tips to convert metres, litres and grams

This book contains all the shortcuts, fun tricks and new approaches you need to tackle even complex calculations with confidence, and will have even the most anxious numerophobe juggling figures in no time!