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How to Draw Everything

Extent: 128pages

Size: 297x210mm

Publication Date: 07/05/2015

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781910552049

Categories: Art

About the Book

How to draw anything and everything, including the kitchen sink . . . ?

Gillian Johnson, the renowned illustrator and artist, invites you to let your inner artist come out to play.

* These full-colour drawings and sketches provide a starting point and inspiration for having a go yourself

* With unfinished drawings to complete, and plenty of space for you to experiment and improvise, this is a joyous way to discover your untapped artistic talents

* Starting with easy projects and quick sketches of the objects around you at home, the book progresses through a series of fun and challenging ideas that you can try for yourself.

Whether drawing flowers, hands or faces, or using shading, perspective or different styles, this is a great way to lose your inhibitions and get drawing.

About the Author

Gillian Johnson, writer and illustrator, is the creator of the delightful half-mermaid Thora novels that have been published in many countries, and also illustrated the bestselling We're Going on a Bar Hunt for Constable & Robinson, as well as the forthcoming The Lost Sock. Gillian has taught in Canada, America and the Czech Republic, and worked in northern Canada with Inuit and Indian children. Gillian now divides her year between England and Tasmania with her two sons and her husband, Nicholas Shakespeare.