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How to Draw Manga

Extent: 96pages

Size: 280x235mm

Publication Date: 14/03/2024

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 9781915751027

Categories: Doodle & Draw

About the Book

Using clear, simple steps, How to Draw Manga gives soon-to-be manga artists the basic techniques to get started, and the confidence needed to progress to more challenging manga illustrations.

Featuring 37 how-to-draw components, from important basics such as eyes, heads, hands, body shapes and poses, to fully realized manga characters, including mecha robots, martial arts fighters, snow spirits, anthros, cyborgs, hybrids and more. How to Draw Manga will give artists everything they need to develop their own amazing manga skills.

From the professional manga studio that created the bestselling Curiously Cute Manga: A Colouring Book (over 75,000 copies sold in the English language), How to Draw Manga features similarly stunning and authentic manga artworks. The book features an emphasis on action-led Shonen manga, but includes cute Chibi character entries, too.

Collateral Damage Studios, a Singapore-based illustration studio specializing in manga art, has recently been featured in ImagineFX magazine – the world’s number one magazine for digital artists.