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Human Origins

Extent: 224 pages

Size: 198x129mm

Publication Date:

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781789295788

Categories: Science - History - Philosophy

About the Book

Humans are the dominant species on the planet. But how did we get here? Human Origins takes the reader on a fascinating 7-million-year journey from our earliest primordial ape-like roots through to the present day.

For almost a hundred years, scientists have been trying to decipher the secrets of humanity’s evolution. At first, they relied on rare pieces of ancient skulls and bone fragments. But every year, they make new discoveries, uncover new fossils and develop new techniques to tease apart the story of our evolution.

So far, from skeletons to teeth, humanity has found more than 6,000 hominin individuals. These individuals span several species, all of which tell the tale of human evolution: how our brains changed over time, what we ate, how we lived. Including the latest scientific findings, Human Origins will also look at some of the biggest questions that remain: What makes humans unique? Where did the Neanderthals go? And are humans still evolving?

About the Author

Sarah Wild studied physics, electronics and English literature at Rhodes University, South Africa, and for an MSc in bioethics and health law, before becoming a freelance science journalist. She has also written books, won awards, and run national science desks. Her work has appeared in Nature, Science, Scientific American, and Undark, among others, and she has appeared on the BBC’s World Service and the Inside Science programme. She lives in a tiny village just outside Canterbury in the UK.