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Out of This World

All The Cool Bits About Space

Publication Date: 06/07/2017

Price: £3.99

ISBN: 9781780555492

Categories: Buster Reference

About the Book

Out Of This World is jam-packed with everything children need to know about space – from facts and statistics to real-life adventures.

Boys and girls can find their way around the solar system, learn if aliens really could exist and discover the origins of the universe.

Entertaining and educational, this learning companion would make the perfect addition to any school child's bookshelf.

About the Author

Clive Gifford is an award-winning author with over 150 books published for children and adults, including Out of This World, Wow Science and Blue Peter 2012 Book Award Nominee Discover the Extreme World. Clive had his first books published while in his teens and remains dedicated to producing exciting, unusual and entertaining titles in a range of subjects. His books have garnered much praise and won Children's Choice, NAPPA Gold Star, TES Book of the Year and Smithsonian awards. Refugees was shortlisted for The British Book Awards whilst Discover the Extreme World was on the four-book shortlist for the 2012 Blue Peter Book Award.

Clive keeps his writing fresh by working in a variety of genres and subjects from complete 600 page encyclopedias to light-hearted children's fiction (Joy's Annoying Toys, The Really Useless Spy School, Pants Attack) and innovative fact-fiction hybrids (Teenage Kicks, The Book of Bad Things). His website can be found at