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Planet Earth: My Life So Far

Extent: 96pages

Size: 280x216mm

Publication Date: 12/09/2024

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 9781780559179


About the Book

Discover the amazing story of our home planet – as told by Earth itself – by award-winning duo Mike Barfield and Jess Bradley.

Welcome to Earth – the planet we call home. From its very earliest beginnings 4.5 billion years ago to the birth of life, rise of biodiversity and the myriad creatures and lush landscapes that cover its surface – it’s ALL here!

Planet Earth: My Life So Far is a comic-style, first-person account by Earth itself of its own life story. It includes the formation of Earth and the Moon, Earth’s geographical and geological features, its habitats, life forms past and present, and the challenges it faces today. Planet Earth is written in Mike Barfield’s hilarious style and accompanied by Jess Bradley’s quirky and colourful comic-strip illustrations. Perfect for fans of the award-winning A Day in the Life… series.

About the Author

Mike Barfield has been wild about animals from an early age. His love of nature took him to King’s College London where he gained a first class honours degree in botany and zoology. After a career in comedy writing for TV and radio, he turned to creating award-winning non-fiction for children built on his love of science and finding things out. He is the winner of the Blue Peter Children’s Book Award 2021 in the ‘Best Book with Facts’ category, and has also been shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize, the Association for Science Education Children’s Book Prize (twice) and the De Bary Award for Outstanding Children’s Science Books (twice).

His website can be found at