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The Power of Ancient Wellness

Extent: 128pages

Size: 190x147mm

Publication Date: 28/12/2023

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781789295979

Categories: Lifestyle

About the Book

Do you want to reduce stress, ease burnout, boost your energy and immunity but don’t know where to start? Look no further than the power of ancient wellness.

The ancient world moved to a different rhythm. It was slower, more mindful and closely attuned to nature. The result? A harmonious connection between mind, body and spirit. Together with Gill Thackray, mindfulness teacher, coach and performance psychologist, learn the art of ancient healing: the perfect remedy for modern living.

Featuring over 25 nature-based activities, discover how to improve your sleep, boost your energy and treat everything from anxiety to the common cold and much more. Explaining the science behind what our ancestors knew intuitively, this essential companion will help you to create your own holistic toolkit to optimize your health and wellbeing, as well as overhaul your beauty regime.

Clear your mind with age-old breathwork techniques, restore balance in your body with the life-changing principles of Ayurveda and re-energise your soul with Reiki and more. From traditional tinctures to ancient superfoods, your healing journey starts now. Reconnect with the hidden secrets of our natural world and take care of yourself, the ancient way.

About the Author

Gill Thackray is a performance psychologist, lecturer, author and coach, helping clients globally, to create conscious transformation and positive change. She has lived and worked with indigenous communities around the world, in Southeast Asia and China, studying the science of healing and ancient wisdom traditions. Gill is a trained shamanic practitioner, currently undertaking PhD research into indigenous healing practices and eco-psychology. She can be found at

Her books include The Mindfulness Coach, The Positivity Coach, How to Manifest, and The Manifestation Journal, all published by Michael O’Mara Books.