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Think You're Mister Know-it-All?

Extent: 224pages

Size: 234x153mm

Publication Date: 14/05/2020

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781789292183

Categories: Activity & Puzzles

About the Book

We’ve all seen them – those quiz night contestants surreptitiously checking their phones under the table before smugly producing the answers. Well, that’s no way to win a quiz!

‘A cracking general knowledge test’ – The Quiz Addict Blog on Think You Know It All?

The proper way to win a quiz is, of course, to be such a know-it-all that you can dredge up the correct answer time after time, without feeling the need for digital back-up. So, are you really Mr (or Ms) Know-It-All? Or are you just looking for some fun and a source of fascinating facts that can win you a pub quiz, make you look knowledgeable in casual conversations, or impress your friends and family? Either way, this is the activity book for you.

In this book you’ll find a lovingly curated set of quizzes that will test you on how much you really know. From high to low culture, history to geography, science to trivia, television to sports, there’s a bit of something from every field all over the world in here.

The end result should be many hours of fun, as you discover how much you truly deserve the ultimate accolade of being called Mr Know-It-All.

About the Author

Richard Gaylord has a degree in philosophy and is the author of numerous books of quizzes and trivia, including The Giant Book of Useless Information and The Complete Timewaster. He lives surrounded by black cats on the farthest outskirts of London.


  • 'A cracking general knowledge test.', The Quiz Addict blog on Think You Know It All?