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Tudor Lives

Publication Date: 12/12/2013

Price: £0.99

ISBN: 9781782432210


About the Book

The triumphs of the Tudor age are well known; less apparent is the pain that went hand-in-hand with success. This book considers the cost of great achievement. Michael Foss, author of The World of Camelot and The Search for Cleopatra, holds a microscope up to the lives of key Tudor figures. He paints a portrait of key Tudor figures undone by the stern course of the century – Walsingham, made poor and hurried to the grave by the laborious demands of Elizabeth's administration; Philip Sidney, who found no place for his chivalrous idealism in the faithless world of contemporary polity – in an age which resembled 'a bow too long bent'.

About the Author

Michael Foss was born in India in 1937 and educated in England and America. He has travelled widely and, after a spell as a lecturer at an American university, he settled in London and took up writing full time. His books include Out of India, The Road Taken, Looking for the Last Big Tree, Tudor Lives, The Founding of the Jesuits, Undreamed Shores, On Tour: The British Traveller in Europe, Poetry of the World Wars, Gods and Heroes: The Story of Greek Mythology, The World of Camelot, Celtic Myths and Legends and People of the First Crusade. He won the J. R. Ackerley prize for Out of India in 2002.