Welcome to the Sherlock Bones Detective Club Head quarters

The Sherlock Bones Detective Club is OPEN for applications!

Welcome to The Sherlock Bones Detective Club


Do you have a budding young detective at home, always looking for clues, and solving puzzles? Sherlock Bones and Dr Jane Catson need their help!

Bones and Catson are back with a brand-new case to crack, and they’re on the hunt for bright detectives to help them question suspects, crack codes, and of course, solve mysteries…

It’s completely free to join!

To become a Sherlock Bones Detective Club member, just enter your details below and you’ll receive three downloadable puzzles to solve. Once you’ve worked out the connecting word and entered it into the website, you’re officially in the club and we’ll send you a membership card, case file and certificate, plus you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a detective kit.

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Please click here for the Terms and Conditions  UK ENTRIES ONLY. Closes 16th June 2023

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