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Emilie Anne Jenks

Emilie Anne Jenks is an illustrator & maker specializing in wall art, home decor, greeting cards and hand painted ornaments. She lives in the land of endless prairies and cotton candy sunsets in South Dakota with her two little boys, a mischievous kitten and a lovable dog. Growing up on a farm where some of her best friends were cats, she is very inspired by wild nature, sweet animals, childhood nostalgia, old things, all the colors, records playing in the early morning and long bike rides on country roads. Her favorite things to draw are flowers, plants, and hand lettering meaningful quotes.

In her online shop she sells art prints, cards, and hand painted ornaments, and will soon be expanding into textile products and more home decor. Inspiration is never ending for her and she believes even the impossible is possible if you are determined and a bit of a dreamer.