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Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung was born into a family of spiritualists, has a degree in Theology and English from Cambridge and has written numerous books about the paranormal, two of which were Sunday Times bestsellers. Before becoming an author in her own right, Theresa was a writer for the TV series Most Haunted, as well as a ghostwriter for celebrity mediums Tony Stockwell and Derek Acorah. In the last two years, Theresa has become the go-to paranormal expert for the media, with fifteen viewer call-ins over the past year on ITV’s This Morning (where she is their dreams and paranormal expert) as well as regular invites onto celebrity podcasts, paranormal podcasts and BBC radio. She collaborates with scientists researching consciousness and regularly gives talks, webinars and hosts her own paranormal podcast, White Shores, where she interviews scientists, mediums, psychics, mystical authors and ghost hunters.