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Where’s The Unicorn? A Unicorn Search and Find Game

An interactive search and find game

Seven magical unicorns are hiding in the image below … Can you spot them all?

Click on these unicorns if you can find them!

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Where’s the Unicorn? A Magical Search-and-Find Book
by Paul Moran and Sophie Schrey

Follow a colourful blessing of globetrotting unicorns as they gallop around the world on an incredible whistle-stop tour.

From a star-studded film premiere and a flamboyant festival, to a wild safari adventure and a beautiful tropical beach, there are 17 intricately illustrated scenes to search, and seven sensational unicorns to spot in every location.

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Where’s the Unicorn Now?
by Paul Moran and Sophie Schrey

The Seven Unicorns of Rainbow Valley have become a worldwide sensation. Due to popular demand, they are off on a tour to meet their super fans. So where are the unicorns, now? Seek them out in every scene – from the bright lights of Broadway to the excitement of Rio Carnival.

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Unicorn search and find game on the App Store


Where’s the Unicorn – now on the App Store!

This ultimate search app challenges you to find 7 friendly unicorns among each colourful and vibrant scene in their adventures. Follow the legendary unicorns as they jet off across 20 exciting levels.