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How To Be An Adult

A Book of Real Help

Extent: 64pages

Size: 175x140mm

Publication Date:

Price: £6.99

ISBN: 9781782438809

Categories: Humour

About the Book

A gem of a book with all kinds of advice on 'adulting' taken from old household manuals that were a staple in every home before the days of the Google search. This retro handbook will make you laugh out loud AND teach you all manner of household cleaning tips, how to get to grips with your revolutionary new blender and top tips on curing baldness. You'll never need to call home again.

Selecting modern furnishings? Look no further. Heard about the latest in ‘refrigeration’? All those labour-saving devices are here. Plagued by wretched freckles? We have the solution! Planning a bridge party? Let this book be your guide.

Accompanied by reproductions of real-life advertisements, which now seem very tongue-in-cheek, this hilarious guide to the adult world is the perfect gift for those just leaving home.