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Paul Forkan

Rob and Paul Forkan are the co-founders of Gandys Flip Flops and Orphans for Orphans. They have written their story with the co-operation of younger siblings Mattie and Rosie, who also shared their unimaginable journey.
The siblings had a unique upbringing, travelling the world with their parents and learning from the University of Life. During their childhood they worked on humanitarian projects in several countries, including India and Sri Lanka. This instilled in the children a sense of compassion and a desire to help people less fortunate than themselves.
After the devastation of the Boxing Day tsunami and the tragic deaths of their parents, the boys returned to the UK without a clear plan of what to do with their lives. Their unusual upbringing had taught them many values, which they soon put to use in developing a business idea that could really make a difference and help people.
After a ‘Eureka’ moment the boys decided to start a flip-flop company, using the profits to open orphanages around the world. With less than £10,000 in capital, the boys invited several potential investors to compete for the chance to invest in their idea. This gamble worked, and they obtained the funds they needed to start the company Gandys Flip Flops. The company has gone from strength to strength, selling flip-flops all over the world, with 10% of the profits going towards their charity, Orphans for Orphans.