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Gill Thackray

Gill Thackray is a business psychologist, coach, writer, mindfulness teacher and regular conference speaker.
Gill has successfully worked with hundreds of organizations to improve performance, innovation and strategy over the last twenty years. Ranging from global organizations (United Nations, KPMG, Spotify, Deloitte); to non-profits (UK Sport, the V & A Museum, International Planned Parenting, Shelter, the National History Museum); universities (London School of Economics, British School of Osteopathy, Goldsmiths,) and Government Bodies (UK Central Government, Kenyan Ministry of Tourism, Nigerian Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Communications Pakistan).
Gill has an MSc in Mindfulness Studies. She is a qualified mindfulness teacher, adhering to the UK Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines and is a registered teacher on the UK Mindfulness Teachers List as well as being professionally accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.